Would You Feel Better Going to an All Gay College?

Last time we talked, we discussed whether or not you would feel better in an all gay community. So let’s talk about something a little more specific — an all gay college. Now then, let’s be honest — this probably will not happen anytime soon. You need to be able to work through your own issues and blend into the crowd. Your place of employment is not going to be all gay, so it might be a culture shock to go from an all gay college to a mixed-orientation place of employment.

But we’re just speculating, so let’s go back on topic for a little bit. What about going to an all gay school? There would be some benefits. For one, gay history would be emphasized. We need to connect with our heroes, past and present. That’s never a bad thing. We would realize all of the contributions that gays have made to the sciences, to history, to math, to sociology and psychology…everything. Gays are truly part of the fabric of our lives, and that’s not a modern belief — it’s true. Facts are facts. Alan Turing was completely gay and he is the father of modern day computing. So you wouldn’t even be able to read this if it weren’t for Mr. Turing. Turing test, anyone?

Now then, would there be complete harmony and peace? Not a chance! There are still conflicts amongst gay people. That’s like assuming that there wouldn’t be conflicts if we were all straight. People are people, and they still have the same emotions as everyone else. You will still have conflicts to navigate as a gay person; they will just be different conflicts.

There would be more acceptance though on the whole. You would get people that would welcome you and understand that you’re gay — and that’s fine, because they are too. You may get bisexual people in the mix, poly people in the mix… it’s going to be up to you to be inclusive as well. A lot of gay teens expect monogamy, while others aren’t into that. They still deserve your respect. Would you really want someone to put you down? It’s important not to slip and assume that we all have to be bullies and mean spirited just because the world has been unkind to us.

This is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can show more love in the world. We tend to get back what we reflect, you know!