When To Get Tested for STDs

One of the top things that should be on your mind right now is getting tested for STDs. Even if you feel that you’re in a committed relationship and there’s no need to test, you should still test anyway. The truth is that we don’t always know what another person is up to. In addition, STDs can also take months, even years to manifest fully. That means that if you’re in a very new committed relationship, your partner could have contracted something before you two got together. It doesn’t have to be a matter of infidelity.

Obviously, if you are choosing to have risk aware sex with someone that has an STD and you’re using protection, you want to make sure that you get tested regularly just to see whether or not the infection has spread to you. When done properly, the risks can be reduced greatly.

It might feel a little frightening talking to a doctor about this, especially when you haven’t told them that you’re gay. You might worry that they’re going to judge you. However, the doctor’s job is to give you quality medical care. That doesn’t take into account your sexual orientation. You will also want to make sure that you’re checking with other clinics that cater to people form a broader range of lifestyles. Just because a doctor may hold personal views that are different from yours doesn’t mean that he wants to see you be harmed just because of those views.

Getting tested regularly is also just peace of mind. You don’t want to settle for just STD testing. Make sure that you’re really getting all of the other medical things tested. You want to be sure that you’re looking at getting your blood work done to ensure that you are truly as healthy as you can be.

The thing is that health is something that we have to fight very hard for in order to still have. If you aren’t careful, you could find that you contracted something that you just cannot get rid of very easily. Early detection and even early prevention methods could really save your life!