Is It Really Time for Gay Teens to Just Relax

Trying to relax is something that just makes for a really rough time — especially if the top of gay rights are on your mind. Of course it’s on your mind as a gay teen. You can’t wake up in the morning without realizing that somewhere out there is someone that thinks that you don’t deserve the same rights they have because you’re gay. It’s a pretty hurtful thing, but you have to relax. Yes, that’s right — we’re telling you that you have to relax. It’s not straight privilege at all, but a reality — you can’t let everything get to you. The best thing that you can do is make sure that you are taking care of your loved ones, having fun and looking forward to the bright future ahead of you. Far too many gay teens end up seeing only the negative in the world, letting it eat away at them until they end up falling apart. That’s not the way to go at all. You need to make sure that you keep yourself grounded. Yes, there’s a lot of evil in the world…but there’s also a lot of good as well. What you have to do from here is make sure that you stay as balanced as possible.

Relax. Right now is a good time for gay teens. We’re looking better and better in the media. Ellen DeGeneres and other high profile gay people are leading the way. That should be enough to put a smile on your face. Commercials for things like Amazon’s Kindle display gay relationships in a positive, loving light. JCPenney, a very old and established corporation, did a lovely Mother’s Day / Father’s Day ad that highlighted same sex parents in a loving and positive life.

If we keep looking for reasons to be upset, we’re going to find ourselves with a lot of stress on our plates. It’s just not necessary anymore. You might as well just let it go and try to relax.

We’re not saying that the fight doesn’t matter. You better believe that it really does. But you have to realize that stress is something that eats away at everything it touches. That’s a hard pill to swallow when you really think about it. Why not check things out that will relax you? A hot bath, a good walk, and more time with friends seems to always give us something new to look forward to. Good luck!

The Future Looks Bright for Gay Teens!

If you’re just coming out and you feel like you’re all alone, this guide is for you. The more we write about issues in the gay teen community, the more we realize that there are just some classic themes that need to be expanded. You see, the future really does look bright for gay teens. However, when you’re caked in the negativity of others, you might not always be able to see it.

Allow us to make things shine a little clearer for you. The road to being comfortable in your own skin starts with realizing that other people are the ones that have the problem, not you. You might run into people that have to let you know how much you disapprove of their lives. You might disapprove of a lot of things, but we doubt that you’re just itching to warn everyone about the “dangers” of their lifestyle, are you? Probably not.

So what you need to do from here is to make sure that you look at the things that you want. If you want a job that pays well and offers benefits that are gay friendly, you can find that.

If you want to find gay friendly travel destinations, you can definitely do that. It’s just a matter of figuring out what you want. When you first come out, it’s a good idea to come out to someone that can help you as you make all of these decisions.

This is a very hard time in your life, but it is one that you will eventually get through. Many people that came out when they were teenagers have found that the people that had the biggest problem with them have realized that life is just too short to hate someone so much to the point where you don’t speak to them. It’s better to embrace the person they are and just deal with the other parts that might not be as “tolerable”.

If we didn’t stress it enough, let us say it again – there is nothing wrong with coming out as a gay teenager. With the rise of the Internet, you have more and more options of getting out there to meet people that are also in the same boat as you. Once you find other gay teens, you’ll realize just how common this all really is!

Don’t just stay online. Don’t just read about all of the fun that other gay teens are having. Don’t just sit on Facebook and think about what you could do if you just could meet someone that thought like you, at least a little bit.

Go out there and take chances. You only get one chance at life and if you wait till the end of your days to really experience love and happiness, you’ll regret it. There are plenty of opportunities for gay teenagers and young adults — you just have to get out there and check things out for yourself. With only one life to live, what are you waiting for? Start today!