Why the Gay Community Still Needs Its Heroes

The gay community is growing and changing, as all communities do. The personal is political when you’re gay, and there’s never a day that you get to just sit back and be nonpolitical. After all, your very identity is tied to a political issue that is growing deeper and deeper. While many show support for gays, there are many that oppose even the right of gays to live anywhere that they chose, fearing that they will be a danger to their children. That’s definitely not a great way to strike up a conversation, now is it?

You want to always make sure that you’re thinking about your agenda, not just the political one. That actually brings us to our next subject — why the gay community needs its heroes.

It would be easy to say that the battle of gay rights has been won in many ways, since gay marriage does exist in many places. However, is that all we were fighting for? Absolutely not. It’s important to also have health care coverage for one’s domestic partner, as well as being able to adopt as a gay couple.

There’s also the very important issue of being able to get the same survivor’s benefits. When someone is married to you and they die, the rights of ownership are pretty clear because many things would be transferred to the spouse. Gays don’t have that right automatically.

It’s not just about contracts – it’s about the rights that everyone else has that we don’t.

We still need our heroes of the gay community raising the alarm, pointing out intolerance and actually making it clear that we aren’t just going to be quiet. If they want to take money from us to benefit society, why shouldn’t we have equal rights? We’re still expected to go to work, pay our taxes, do the right thing, and just shut up about intolerance. It just doesn’t work that way, because we’re not going to allow it so.

Sure, there are opponents of gay rights that wish we would just shut up, and they are more than willing to declare the battle over. They’ve thrown a few crumbs our way, right? Well, that’s not the way it’s going to be, thankfully.

As a gay teen, you’re going to have to deal with the fact that your life, whether you like it or not, is political. Its’ time to get informed — you can do it!

Are We Still Hitting Our Goals As a Gay Community?

One of the hardest things to do in the gay community is to actually think like a community. And that’s the good part of being a gay community, but it’s also an area where it’s easy to get concerned. You see, we have to look at goals as individuals, and we also have to look at goals as a community. Even if we stopped looking at ourselves as a community, outside groups would still lump us together.

So the question remains: are we hitting our goals as the gay community at large? That’s a tough question, but we think that the answer is a bit of a mixed bag.

You see, the community is so large now that we are definitely getting attention. There are plenty of gay TV shows, gay movies, gay books, and even gay TV show hosts. It’s a lot of exposure for the community but that doesn’t mean that the fight is over.

One Million Moms is still on the debate scene, as well as Westboro Baptist Church — not that anyone really takes them seriously. It’s something that you deal with as part of being gay.

We think it’s safe to say that we’ve made an impact, and we’ve hit some goals. But this is where a lot of people declare the battle over.

The battle isn’t over until all same-sex couples get the same rights as heterosexual couples. It’s not over until gays can adopt in all 50 states. It’s not over until gays can proudly and openly serve in the armed forces, regardless of branch and without fear of missing out on benefits or promotions, or losing the respect of their peers.

There’s a lot more ground to cover — until there aren’t gay teens that are committing suicide due to the pressure around them to be straight, we just aren’t finished yet.

Now, this isn’t a totally depressing post. There’s a lot to be proud of. There are many straight people that are supportive of the LBGT community, and that’s something worth applauding. However, for every straight person that supports us, it feels like there are three more that are going to Chik Fil A to protest gay rights and how traditional family values are the best way to go.

It’s a hard world to live in, but since it’s the only one we have, we have to do what we can, where we can…while we can. Hang in there!

Do You Need To Tell a Landlord that You’re Gay

Your first apartment is a pretty exciting milestone in your life. There’s just no other way to say it. Having an apartment means that you’re on your way to some big and bright things, and that’s nothing to sneeze at! However, if you’ve come out proudly as a member of the gay community, you might wonder if you have to tell anyone — like your landlord.

Talking to the person that can legally evict you from their property is a pretty scary thought, especially when you’re young. Here’s a few things that you will want to definitely keep in mind.

Just because you don’t physically own the home doesn’t mean that you don’t have rights. If you’re at all worried about renting opportunities in your area, you will need to look up the tenancy laws for your state. That covers what the landlord can and cannot do. They cannot just evict you because you are openly gay. They can however evict you if you damage the property or do not pay your rent or even have someone living there who is not on the lease as a tenant or an occupant. That’s something that you might forget about, but we can promise you that your landlord will not just forget about it. So you have to make sure that you have your wits about you at every turn.

If you do have a conflict with your landlord, make sure that you keep a log of what happened, the date that it occurred, and also what actions you took to try to resolve the problem. Everything involving your landlord should be in written form as well as just a phone conversation. You need to do this because if you don’t you’ll have problems getting your natural rights as a tenant.

If you are looking at a new apartment, you can have a conversation with the landlord. Let them know that you are a good and clean person who just wants somewhere to live. Money talks more than anything else — if you’re someone that pays their bills, then what you do in your personal life is up to you. There’s no legal requirement to inform your landlord of your life as a gay person. Even if you have guests over to spend the night occasionally, that doesn’t mean that they are now occupants. You have to read your lease and make sure that you know exactly what your fights really are.

Are you ready to look for an apartment right now? The internet is really your best connection unless you live in a very small town. Then you will need to look at the newspaper. Either way, we wish you the best of luck!