Gay Couples Have a Bright Future To Think About

Hey, boy… so we’re not Ryan Gosling or anything, but we have to tell you something, gay teens: it really does get better. 2012 was a hard year. People coming out to protest against gays? People feeling slighted by gays finally getting the right to marry in multiple US states? Say it ain’t so!

The truth is that we need this kind of hope. We need this kind of change. We need to believe that we’re going to have a life of our very own. You might not see that today — and that might be pushing you into a world of depression. You might be reading this after thinking all morning about just ending your own life.

Trust me, gay teen. It’s worth sticking around. You just don’t know what opportunities are going to reach you until you push forward and try.
Ellen is one of the most bankable celebrities in Hollywood. Try as they might, they cannot put her down. They can’t get rid of her. She has a humor that extends beyond just being gay. She’s a warm, funny, and kind hearted person that truly wants to change the world. Think about it — if Ellen had given up, we wouldn’t have her funny, and all of the people that she’s helped wouldn’t have received that help. It’s hard to think about it that way, but it’s true — you’re a lot more needed than you think.

Somewhere out there is someone that’s going to love you for who you’ve become. There’s someone that’s going to truly appreciate the person that you’ve grown up to be. There’s nothing wrong with waiting of the right person to come along. Society often tells us that we have to rush into these decisions, but what about taking some time for you?

2012 was a hard year, but it also had some good stuff. Modern Family? We’re all over that. Glee? A favorite. There were just so many amazing moments where one just had to look back and realize… this is all good stuff.

So if you’re in the middle of feeling sad and bleu because others around you are tearing into you about being gay, just remember something. You aren’t the one with the problem. It’s them with the problem. Normal people don’t seek to tear others down. They would rather either just avoid them, or build them up. We would do so much better as a society if we just kept our negative thoughts to ourselves.

Hang in there. Don’t give up – ever!